President Gold Medal

Glory Unfolds, Excellence Recognized

Muhammad Abdullah Javed (Ex Himalian of 12th Entry), has added another illustrious chapter to our legacy of excellence. He clinched the coveted President Gold Medal (2nd Highest Award) at 149 PMA L/C passing out parade on 20 April 2024, a testament to his unwavering perseverance, courage and commitment.
This phenomenal achievement confirms the institution’s (MCM) strength and training parameters which helped him attaining this excellence at PMA. MCM’s proud legacy now has 3 Sword of Honor, 3 President Gold Medals and 1 COAS Cane.

Ex Himalian Hamza Nazir is Awarded with "President Gold Medal" in PMA 144 L/C

It is a matter of pride that MCM has attained its status among the top institutions in such a short time. With proud legacy MCM has remained upto the task by constantly sending more than 50% Himalians every year to PMA. The Himalians has carved a niche for themselves not only for PMA but also at the Foreign Military Academies through sheer competence and determination. We feel proud to announce that In today’s Passing out Parade of PMA 144 L/C, TGC 33, IC-63, 3 BMTC and LCC-18 the Ex-Himalian and Ex College Prefect “Hamza Nazir”of 10th Entry who was BSUO in PMA has been awarded with President Gold Medal in his course PMA 144 L/C. MCM has already 2 *Sword of Honours* and Hamza became the 1st one to put another feather in HIMALIAN Family’s Cap by fetching Gold Medal. As an institution MCM is at the top of merit for current passing out amongst all bonded & other colleges as intimated by PMA

Shoaib Akmal- President Gold Medal

Cadet Shoaib Akmal, an ex-Himalian, and the Battalion Senior Under Officer (BSUO) of the 3rd Pakistan Battalion, has been bestowed with the prestigious “President’s Gold Medal” during the Passing Out Parade of the 146th PMA Long Course. Shoaib’s exceptional achievement adds yet another remarkable accomplishment to the Himalian Family’s legacy, as he secures the 2nd President’s Gold Medal in consecutive years.