Cadets' Houses

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Sarwar House

Previously there used to be only one House for the junior most entry which would accommodate 90 Cadets simultaneously. It was felt that the Cadets had to be fetched against one another to compete in different contests. These competitions lacked that peculiar spirit, enthusiasm and zest of participation which are hallmark of the Himalians. A positive sense of competition among the cadets can be inculcated if there is enough number of Houses. There used to be few Houses in the College. One more House has been added for the Junior Cadets of Class 8th which has been named after Captain Sarwar Shaheed (NH).

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Tufail House

Previously Tufail House was the only junior House in Military College Murree who was named after Maj Muhammad Tufail Shaheed (NH). It inculcates the spirit of “I CAN, I WILL”. Being the only junior House till 2019, Tufail House served as leadership cadre of future leaders. Cadets of very young age are inducted in class 8th and a team of very competent officers looks after and groom these cadets. Every House Officer contributes towards the well being and overall personality uplift of young cadets. The cadets of Tufail House are an embodiment of commitment, motivation and determination.

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Aziz Bhatti House

Aziz Bhatti House derives its name from the illustrious hero of 1965 war, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed), Nishan-e-Haider the Motto of the House is, “HONOUR FIRST” the motto serves as beacon of light for the cadets of the House. ABH has an inherent promising fair and proved their mettle in all competitions.


Sher Khan House

Sher Khan House is named after the Kargil War hero Captain Kernal Sher Khan (Shaheed), Nishan-e-Haider. The House motto is “DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR”. The students of this House are true epitome of honour, integrity, self-discipline and courage. The cadets of Sher Khan House are also known as “Sher” of Military College Murree due to their ability to turn the table in different college competitions.

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Mehfooz House

The House is named after another brave son of soil Lance Naik Muhammad Mehfooz (Shaheed), Nishan-e-Haider who embraced martyrdom in 1970 War. The motto of the House is, “NEVER GIVE IN”. Mehfooz. Its students strive hard to lead from the front in all academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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Lalak House

The Cadets of this House pursue their aims keeping the motto of their House, “COURAGE IS ALL” in mind. For the feats they have achieved they struggled hard and proved an indomitable adversary to most of their competitors. They set their dominance by team effort and some individual dexterity which proved quite helpful to them. The cadets of Lalak House have unwavering faith in their house officers who are no less than a beacon of light for the cadets.