Commandant's Vision

Military College Murree, located on Upper Topa, Murree Hills, provides a conducive and competitive learning environment. This location was once a hostel for British soldiers in late 19th Century. Later on, it became Forest Staff College. In 1950, Pakistan Army established School of Army Education. MCM was inaugurated in 1st Sep 2008, "to educate and groom the students mentally, morally and physically with a view to nurturing their requisite leadership qualities". Both CAE and MCM ware functional simultaneously and in 2009, CAE was disbanded. MCM has come up as a renowned boarding school of Pakistan in short span of time. Due to tremendous efforts made by its faculty and administration, high targets have been achieved. Due to special and conducive environment provided, there remains no reason for failing to achieve avowed goals.
      “Himalians” are trained and groomed during their impressionable years of youth at MCM. Their learning and effective teamwork and strong communication skills actually stem from the years of intimate comradeship developed through heated discourses in joint classes and ante room gatherings. Academic excellence has always been the focal point of our priorities at MCM because it plays a pivotal role in joining the various fields and professions of practical life. MCM has produced many high achievers including a winner of sword of honor at Pakistan Military Academy and undergraduate at foreign military academies.
      A well-rounded personality, built on the core values of character, integrity, intellectual superiority and commitment has always been at the center-stage of grooming at MCM. Due to this, MCM alumni in the armed forces or in the fields of science, technology or business and so on, are reaching the pinnacles of success. Our instructors, students and staff are among the best who work tirelessly and with devotion availing every opportunity to create highly congenial learning environment

Brigadier Nusar Umar Hayat Laleyka
Commandant  Military College Murree